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July 27, 2017
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October 26, 2017
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What’s with all the FLOSSING?


“So I heard on ‘The Project’ that I don’t need to floss?’

Hmmm, what else have we heard on TV that’s not quite right people?!

Lets get serious here!

If you’re just brushing with a toothbrush when cleaning your teeth, you’re missing half the teeth surface area. You know, the bit between the two teeth, where green stuff somehow appears  when you’re talking to someone important. Or when you have an overcooked steak and it it get’s stuck in between your teeth – that spot.  For that reason alone, flossing should be a NON-negotiable part of your oral care routine …

By using floss to remove the plaque from between your teeth, you’re helping to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and halitosis (yep, that awful bad breath problem). That’s 1 minute a day. To prevent all that.

When to floss:

When you’re going to do the job, it needs to be done right, so don’t rush it. If you transform into a sloth after dinner, than floss in the morning or after lunch. Otherwise, flossing before bed, followed by two minutes of brushing and you’ll feel as clean as a whistle, then you can ease into a guilt-free sleep.

What about kids:

Patient’s often ask us if children should floss. The answer is YES. Unless of course, they only have four teeth with a 3mm gap between each one. Then hold up, you’re too eager. (But we high-five you anyway for trying!)

How to floss:

Look we could write it down… but why not watch a video? We like this one.

Which floss to get:

The days of one-size-fits-all is over, and that goes for floss too. You’ve got your tradition floss, pull it out, cut it off with the special cutter-thing on the box (we like satin or ribbon because it’s nice and smooth…like James Dean). Or, if the fingers won’t allow it, then consider using either a less invasive floss threader (a nylon loop you thread the floss through, most pharmacies should have these) or floss picks (the floss is held taut between two prongs on a handle, and yes disposable) to do the job… We’re leaving no spaces for excuse.

I really really don’t like flossing, what can I do:

Now, if after all that, you’re still certain that you and floss can never be friends, perhaps you might be suitable for ‘inter-proximal brushes’, teeny little pipe-cleaner-like brushes that can be used between your teeth. Or maybe interdental tips (flexible rubber tips, like toothpicks for the 21st century). Last but not least, there are irrigators ( teeny tiny pressure cleaners for your teeth), but check with us next time you’re in for a visit to make sure it’s suitable for your teeth.

IF someone else says they don’t floss…good for them… But YOU should floss.