Dentures and Artificial Teeth Solutions

Dentures are a fixed or removable plate that can hold artificial teeth and are generally made out of acrylic or cobalt chrome. Partial dentures are ideal for replacing a full set of teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth.

Improve the look of your smile and regain facial muscle function by filling empty space. Did you know that drooping facial features can be associated with missing teeth?

Dentures also help you to chew while retaining normal jaw function, which can prevent other dental issues from tooth loss to general mouth pain.

While denture treatment is one of the most affordable methods of restoring teeth it can introduce new issues that can affect your comfort and lifestyle.

Dentures do nothing to preserve existing jaw bone, they can move around while you chew or speak, and usually require constant removal for cleaning.

To improve your denture experience

we can assess whether conventional implants or mini dental implants would be an appropriate solution. If you have any denture enquiries contact us.