Relieve Dental Distress with our Emergency Dentist Service

Accidents never happen when it’s convenient. And if you’re in pain, you want to address the problem as quickly as possible. At Greenvale Dentistry we undertake an important responsibility by providing urgent dental care for acute pain to teeth, gums, supporting bones and/or other structures within the mouth. Seeking help quickly is your best chance to save your teeth, mitigate infection and reduce any relevant risks associated with delayed action.

Sports Injuries

Accidents due to contact sport is a common cause for potentially serious mouth damage. This could be anything from a chipped/broken tooth to an aggravated abscess. We prioritise patient care based on your condition and treat accordingly.

Wisdom Tooth

Our dentist may need to organise an emergency wisdom tooth removal to alleviate an infection or protect neighbouring teeth that may be impacted or crowded within the gums. Obvious impact symptoms include gum inflammation, throbbing pressure at the back of the jaw and pain.

Denture Repairs

Depending on the state of the partial or full dental plates, it may be possible to repair and re-align them. Contact us to discuss options. If we are not able to assist same-day we will refer you.

Dentures can change the shape of your mouth and jaw over time. We recommend that a dentist should be evaluating plates and artificial teeth at least every six months to detect potential issues with the prosthesis and ideally avert an emergency in the future.

Whether you lose a crown, knock out a tooth, endure a toothache or are concerned about infection our emergency dentist will respond.

First Aid for a Knocked Out Tooth

In the event that you have an accident and a permanent tooth is knocked out, please immediately place it back in the tooth socket and contact us as soon as possible.

  • Hold the loose tooth by the crown; note: If it has debris, gently wash it with milk or saline solution for a few seconds only. Place the tooth—facing the right way around—back into its socket. See a dentist urgently for emergency help.
  • If you cannot return the tooth to its socket, wrap it in plastic cling wrap or leave it in milk or a normal saline solution and take it to the dentist. Ensure you do not handle the tooth by the root or allow the tooth to dry out.


Do not place a milk-saturated tooth or baby tooth back into its socket.


Get Help Today

For more information about our emergency dentist services, or to schedule a consultation, please call or enquire online.