Mini Dental Implants for Denture Support

Modern dentistry innovations offer you choice when it comes to replacing and repairing natural teeth. Sometimes a foundation for replacement teeth does not need to be very big at all. Mini dental implants are often used for stabilising removable dentures which would otherwise be loose and difficult to chew or speak with.

Let Greenvale Dentistry improve your teeth with a tiny addition to your mouth. Here are just some great reasons why implant dentistry might be worth considering.

  • Speak with confidence. No need to fret over loose teeth when supports are in place to stop prosthesis from slipping.
  • Socialise with friends and family. Fuss over the dinner menu rather than worry about your smile—restore your self-esteem.
  • Eat with ease. You should be able to chew food normally as the tooth fixture is anchored in the jaw and will bond over time.
  • Brush as per usual. Day-to-day oral hygiene routines do not change drastically with mini dental implants.

he Mini Dental Implant Procedure

To proceed with this treatment our dentists assess gums, sinuses and jaw bone density for suitability. At Greenvale Dentistry we do our due diligence to outline the benefits and the risks associated with any operation so that you are well informed and can decide what is best for yourself.

If everything is ok to move forward we then prepare the missing tooth area and liaise with our emergency and sedation departments to determine the most appropriate pain relief method. After we insert the mini dental implants the denture can attach to the same way providing an immediate and significant improvement in denture retention and stability.

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