Sleep Dentistry

For Anxious Patients and Protracted Procedures

—Sedation Dentistry

As the name implies: Sleep/sedation dentistry involves medicating patients during dental operations and is suitable for children and adults. Pain relief medication and sedatives are administered by our anaesthetists.

We can use sedation dentistry for most dental procedures including:


We understand that there are many people rejecting treatment, or not even setting foot in our clinic, due to fear of needles and associated smells and sounds. And then there are those who may not have the stamina to hold their mouth open for more than a few minutes due to overall health or an involuntary gag reflex.

Be assured that our team will find the right solution for you. Do not let fear or physical hindrances prevent you from seeking the treatment you need to maintain a happy smile. We’re here to help.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Sleep comfortably during treatment without the sounds, smells and sights
  • Plan multiple procedures during the one session for convenience
  • Rest in a controlled, monitored, environment where your safety is paramount

Sedation dentistry is a great option for long or complicated dental procedures and the side effects are minor (brief period of nausea and drowsiness for 24 hours post-procedure).

Our team can conduct most sedation procedures onsite. All patients undergo a medical check before we proceed with any sedative treatment. A trained medical anesthetist is present at all times to strictly monitor the sedation process.

Optimise Your Comfort

If you dread surgery, need a check-up, or just really need to slumber during a dental procedure, consult with us today.