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November 9, 2018
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January 8, 2019
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Root canal treatment hurts?!!

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‘Does root canal treatment hurt?’  This is the first thought that comes to mind when a patient is told they need root canal treatment.

The answer? No!!!  The root canal treatment resolves the pain, it doesn’t cause pain.

We’re here to clear up the myths,  so the next time some one starts a root canal horror story, you can tell them to relax!

What is a Root Canal?

The ‘root canal’ is the tunnel inside the root of the tooth, that contains all the vessels and nerves (pulp) that keep your tooth vital, supplying your tooth with sensation. That’s how your teeth know ice cream is cold!

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that cleans the inside of a tooth when the pulp in the tooth has become irreversibly inflamed or infected. This could happen due to:

  • a deep cavity in the tooth
  • a crack or fracture of the tooth
  • deformity or defect within the tooth
  • repeated prolong trauma  to the tooth, due to habits such as teeth grinding

Often a you will notice pain, extreme temperature sensitivity in the tooth, swelling of the gums and general soreness. You may even notice discolouration of an infected tooth. If you’re experiencing these symptoms – contact us immediately, as the cause may be resolved with root canal treatment!

Root Canal Therapy – the process.

Step 1. An x-ray is taken of your tooth to confirm:

  • extent of the infection
  • entire tooth and root area
  • spread of infection into the jaw bone

Step 2. The tooth is anaesthetised to ensure the whole process is perfectly comfortable for you.

Step 3.  A rubber cover is placed around the tooth to keep it dry and saliva free. That way you can fall asleep while we continue to work away.x-ray tooth

Step 4. Under magnified vision, a small opening is made in  the tooth (no different to what is done for a filling),  this allows the tooth to be cleaned from the inside of the tooth. The infection is treated and the inside of the tooth is shaped for a filling material to be placed.

Step 5. After cleaning and shaping the canal, a special type of filling is done. The canal is filled to prevent reinfection. The filling also helps strengthen the tooth.

A crown is used to complete the restoration, occasionally a post is also placed to further strengthen the tooth.

Why have root canal therapy?

The goal of root canal therapy is to save the tooth, which means you can get back to enjoying the food you love without pain.

Love your smile!